The Institute designs and manufactures digital speed governors and oil supply units for all types of turbines (Kaplan, Franciss, Pelton, Deriaz etc.). The Institute also carries out the modernization of old governors.


  • automatic, single-impulse turbine start-up and shutdown
  • idle running control according to the set value, modified through “up-down” impulses initiated by the operator or from automatic synchronizing system
  • automatic load after synchronization to the set value
  • automatic load control at varying modes: power control, head water control, speed control, flow control, opening control
  • adjust runner blade angle to wicket gate position
  • emergency turbine shut down in the event of protection response or if initiated by the operator
  • manual control of wicket gate opening and runner blades angle while in the service mode
  • adaptation for communication with supervisory, control and data acquisition systems (Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, RS232, RS485 )



The hydraulic part of the governor consists of:

  • wicket gate servomotors
  • oil supply unit,
  • hydraulic control units (for wicket gate, runner blades, turbine brakes, emergency shutdown etc.)

Elements from world leading manufacturers are utilized to build modern digital speed governors.
(Bosch-Rextroth, Have, Balluff, Hydac).

  • Digital part of the governor consists of::
  • digital controller (Simatic, SAIA, Fanuc)
  • control panel (Siemens, ESA, SAIA)
  • measuring units (turbine speed, runner blades position, wicket gate position)
  • water level measurement system