29-30 May 2008

On May 29-30, 2008 the Institute of Power Engineering, Gdańsk Division, organized and carried out the third edition of the training course entitled "Standard IEC 61850 - Communication networks and systems in substations". The training was held at the Baltic Sea in a picturesque located "Rzemieślnik" hotel, Gdańsk-Jelitkowo. As in case of previous trainings, participants have come from different parts of Poland. The training scope covered the following topics:

  • industrial Ethernet, local area networks (LAN) - functional and technical requirements with respect to IEC 61850 for active and passive network components planned to be installed in substations,
  • practical and formal aspects of IEC 61850 standard application in substations,
  • unified representation of different station automation equipment and rules of communication within a substation,
  • introduction to substation configuration language (SCL),
  • conformance and performance testing of automation equipment consistent with IEC 61850,
  • application examples based on the practical experience gained by the Institute during development of IEC 61850 communication adapters,
  • the workshop ( training session) : interactive communication with a simulated simple IEC 61850 server containing a Time Overcurrent Protection - data structure, reports, control - participants use their own notebooks.