ELECTRA - European Liaison on Electricity Committed Towards long-term Research Activities for Smart Grids


The European energy strategy, through its Directive 2009/28/CE sets ambitious goals for the energy systems of the future. The strategy implies a substantial increase of the share of renewable electricity production in the EU.

Achieving these goals requires a radical change of the existing power system paradigm. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • large part of the generation will not be controlled any more by the TSOs, which implies increased challenges for balancing,
  • a high share of the generation will be intermitted (e.g. wind, solar)
  • consumption is going to become more volatile and less predictable (e.g. EVs).

In order to ensure reliable control over the power grid, also distributed generators and loads should be controlled in a way that increases the predictability of the maximum power imbalance as perceived system-wide by the TSO’s.


The ELECTRA IRP will research radical new control solutions for the real time operation of the 2030 power system, utilizing flexibility from across traditional boundaries (of voltage level, stakeholders, license areas, etc.) in a holistic fashion and building on ubiquitous sensing and dynamic/autonomous control functions. The final elaboration of the devised solutions will take place at a laboratory level, proving readiness for field deployment.

In addition to the joint R&D activities, coordination work packages in ELECTRA build on existing efforts established through EERA will significantly escalate these through the coordination and collaboration amongst EU leading research infrastructures, researcher exchange across EU and internationally, and actions on international cooperation.

The ELECTRA Integrate Research Programme (IRP) was initiated by EERA partners to reinforce and accelerate Europe’s medium to long term research cooperation in this area.

Institute of Power Engineering takes part in this challenging activity by contributing to several work packages, mainly in the field of ICT, voltage control, system observability and controllability.

Institute of Power Engineering also takes part in EERA’s activities in the following joint programmes: SmartGrid and Wind.