Thorough testing of algorithms and devices now with use of real time digital simulator (RTDS) (data umieszczenia: 2020-09-30)

It has been almost a year since for the first time at IEn testing of algorithms for devices under development was carried out with use of a real time digital simulator (RTDS). The device under test was the controller for synchronous start-up of a large hydro unit and the test setup included RTDS simulating the operation of the start-up converters, the hydro unit itself and the power plant with the grid. It was down to RTDS utilisation that consistent tests were possible in a wide range of simulated operational conditions – from normal operation to disturbed and alert states –  which allowed for verification and optimisation of its operation in any conceivable circumstances. Since then, hardware-in-the-loop is always used by the project teams of IEn in the V&V (validation and verification) process of synchronous frequency converters (SFC) and automatic voltage regulators (AVR). What is more, RTDS is also used for other purposes, such as development of new algorithms, e.g. synthetic inertia algorithm devised in H2020 project “INTERPLAN”, or for simulation of operation of HVDC.

RTDS owned by IEn was delivered by a leader in real time simulation for power industry, the RTDS Technologies from Canada. The simulator is based on the latest Novacor solution and is equipped with analogue and digital I/Os, communication protocols such as IEC 61850 and IEEE C37.118, which allow for protection testing, PMU/WAMS testing and etc.